Extract geographic content out of 'Packet Radio' log

  • Read raw-logged data of a multi-mode program (e.g. MixW).
  • Extract & decode & sort APRS data as:
    broadcast time, HAM_Call(ID), coordinates(XY) & message(MSG).
  • Create for all ID's their 'last position' a points vector map layer.
  • Moving ID's: create from the routes a lines vector map layer.
  • Collect all points of one selected ID:
    create a points vector map layer & display all its messages_sorted.
  • Time/period based selections: create a points vector map layer.
    For example: show me the active ID's of the last 10 minutes.
  • Visualization of maps: files are compatible for usage in one or more started instances of VBAMAP.

    READ MORE (Dutch, pdf, 9p.)